Friday, April 15, 2011

at borgata

played the $300 today cashed really gained a ton of momentum but lost it near the bubble.  7 handed raise called 88 from hijack vs button reshove for about 22 bbs dunno if i like my call really

online went bad but didn't have time for much of a sess still 2nd on tlb and still in the 11r with like 35 people left so could still gain some points tonihgt. 
tomorrows event is a $560 2 day i'll keep people updated with my facebook...

stephen reynolds little egg harbor

sizzlinsteve aim

i know a few people asked me for that stuff today

alright well gl and hope to see/hear from ya'll ssoon pc

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Off to mohegan

Hey guys just packing up for mohegan going there to play the main and a few sides not really 100% decided on which ones.  Will be bringing the who setup so will be putting an online grind too.  After that it's right to the borgata so i'll keep people updated one way or another if i make some runs.

Lets gooooooo


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick update before bed

steady at number 2 for the year on tlb...won a mohegan package so saves that direct buy in :) will be there april 5-13th then 13-28th will be at the borgata.  If you guys see me say sup

random thing sunday i won a package and $22 for 2k and stars showed me as being down -2k when i should be up like 6k normally pretty reliable but not really sure what happened.

gl everyone and


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

had to double check where i left off

so i won 1st two rounds of chicago heads out round 1 vs sir swish6 round 2 vs random hu cash player seemed like...round 3 was the next day day 1 started at 1 pm so i got there proptly at 11:45 only to find i'd blinded practically.

played online no results then left to san diego

(had my laptop jacked from my room during this time obv left the power cord lol)

then played cash in cali 1st thing lost like 1800 in 2-5 played 2 hands bad but somehow still got under played

partied out a lil at the stars vip club then obv left my phone somewhere drinking sigh...

played main event day 1 next to jorj95 who was a pleasure to play next too...despite still being a nit...seeing if he sees this lol

and bruce buffer was cool to play along too pretty much everything went to plan day 1 and i trippled + with losing my only all in in a spot where i was 85%+? a hi fd vs k hi fd no pair each spiked king to end day

played online the next day and won the $8r for like 8k which made me even online during the trip

Monday i played day 2 of the main pretty much had no real steam at any point and made a bad call off that i pretty much had preemptively planned

played online and forget what really was won or w/e but like i said i broke even online over the trip so had like 18k cashes during the time

Thrus 10th played live and won the 1k turbo bounty for 7700 then bubble the ft of a small $560 6 max field

then got home took friday off and since then shipped a massive 30k score on ftp so my plans for right now are to grind hard for tlb on stars which i have second and maybe catch a few foxwoods tourneys before the mohegan main which i'll deff be at.

well gl everyone and take cakre

Sunday, February 27, 2011

bloggin yo

ok on my way out to chicago list of things that have gone wrong so far

1. went to pick up lugguage at united not us airways
2. cab driver never heard of casino
3. can't bring luggauge in casino, no hotel
4. couldn't fine confusedpenguin
5. walked around chicago in the cold leading too getting massively sick
6. getting sick on side of road on way to hotel
7. couldn't fine hotel few miles away got there well over an hour later

but besides that lol, having a great time down here.

Mar. 112:00pm#6 Heads Up NL Hold'em (3day)$1100$40,000

I regged early for

march 1st horseshoe hammond $1100 heads up which might be the only event i play out here

so schedule looks like

sunday-grind online mostly stars
monday-grind online only stars short sess then go play $5/10 at casino
tues-play $1100 heads up rotatate cash games and poss late night tourney
wed-day 2 or stars online
thrus-online grind get ready for napt

NAPT is going to be crazy will keep u updated and will prob be playing 10/25 streamed

glgl 2morrow everyone

and if u see a dude in a gitsumm patch walking around the poker room say whats up

Mar. 112:00pm#6 Heads Up NL Hold'em (3day)$1100$40,000

Friday, February 25, 2011

Missed a couple weeks annnnnd?

Hey guys just posting what's going on with me...later today i'll be off to chicago to play some live events for the chicago poker classic.  I'll keep updates on a few things and i will deff play the 1k hu.  I'll deff be playing some cash and i'll keep you updated on trip progress.

Then i'm off to napt to play the los angeles stop i don't know what i'm oging to play there but i wouldn't be shocked if i double reg a live event.  I'm seeing that there's a 6 max, and a bounty shoot out that overlap and i'm pretty much unwilling to miss either we'll see how this goes...again trip progress will be made

from what i see btw i missed couple weeks of my blog so i owe $20/30 to some sorta charity but with all i have going on atm i think i'm gonna wait till i get back and do a another charity event at my house.  I really hope this trip goes well i have a lot of good vibes about it and my game currently.  I'll likely be playing a $10/25 game in la that will be live streamed so i'll try to keep some info about that

take care everyone


Monday, January 31, 2011

End of january

well guys been gone for a bit for the few weeks i missed i sent $10 to st. judes childrens cancer fund.  Beyond that i've been grinding a ton amster_atx has been out here working a lot and i've got to spend sometime with little kraut and pik6__iwin.  However, not everything has been going so smoothly...this week ftp closed my account for a bit deep in a tourney.  In hindsight prob switching comps deep in a tourney is dumb, however there was a reason because my dog got suddenly sick etc.  Actually dropped her off to a 24/7 emergency center and she spent the last 3 days in the hospital.  They did blood work, xrays etc but didn't find anything however my dog was wobbling and falling over...she's about 2 1/2 years old and the most hyper active syberian husky u'll ever see so i was incredibly worried.  I see she might have eatten a crabcake which might have been the source...she could be allergic to shellfish...
my yearly results atm for the month are

sizzlinbettas   867 -$26.95   $73   50% -$23,369   LPPLLLLL N/A FullTilt Year2011  x
sizzlinbetta   1,451 $28.04   $65   38% $40,691   LLLPLLPP N/A PokerStars Year2011  x

so +17k is obv a great start but i did put in the highest volume for a month in my career.  my rois hopefully show i'm due a big win in something bit lost a 10's vs aq flip for chip lead 4 handed in the $320 this weekend.  My general goals for myself this year i think should be $250,000 poker profit.  same goal i had last yera that ifailed to meet.


off top head guesses last year was super skewed by the fact that i played a lot of live events put less online volume and at points only nailed majors along with a few other factors.  Pretty much last year proved too me was how hard it is too put in a live grind and online grind at the same point because stability i.e. same home work set up compared to laptop grinding really hinders grinders.  also i foudn throughout the year it was hard to grind in hotels and things of that nature.  So pretty much despite i'm planning to play live (haven't yet though i said i was expected) I'm at no point this year looking to stay in a hotel other than the mohegan because i stayed there last year and liked it more than being home lol.  Fyi the other places i played live last year were turning stone casino which is cool if you're 15 orleans which because of everything that has happened was a pretty ehh situation at best....and borgata which had prob it's worst week of service ever...although i've heard super mixed reviews on the i guess it's just the time of the year you catch them at.   tbh, i've always prefered the harrahs in nj over the borgata in ac. well so pretty good start i'm gonna start to the year i'm gonna start cutting tables again i saw my bb win rate go down some when i swtiched from 14-24 so i believe 16 should be good for now.

BTW join my home game

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btw the slave shop thing is a joke about how i work my guys so hard that they say they feel like slaves nothing racist or w/e so i hope no1's offended it's more a joke flat at me.

take care bout to get food